One Mission. Being The Best.

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January 1, 2023

Our company was founded with a mission to become the best transportation service provider in our industry for our customers and the most enjoyable place to come to work for our employees

We believe when people work in an environment they truly enjoy, businesses can deliver the greatest value for their customers and the communities their employees call home.

High quality execution and cutting-edge technology are expected, Taimen delivers above expectations through employees dedicated to a single mission to be the best.

As we move forward through these challenging times, setting goals big and small for yourself as well as the various teams in your life has never been more important. Not only work teams, but your family and close friends, church classes, work-out groups, and sports teams. Each team had important milestones you were all excited about and working towards before recent challenges brought new obstacles.


At Taimen we have been talking a lot as a team about our top goals to be the best provider for our customers and be the most enjoyable place to work in this remote operating environment. Our team has found a few, often small, daily goals can add-up to help us all keep moving forward towards our big goals for 2020 and beyond.

We wanted to  share some of the little things that have been helping us stay the course towards our big goals in hopes it inspires teams everywhere to stay positive, stay together and stay focused on your mission! It is the consistency in the little “ordinary” things that adds up to greatness.


Habits To Be The Best:

·       Make your bed (start your day with a win – no one can stop you!)

·       Write down a few things you’re grateful for

·       Sing along to your favorite song or listen to music that makes you happy while you get ready

·       Do a 30-minute work-out led by an online instructor (YouTube is filled with great choices)

·       Stay hydrated and consistent with meals

·       Write down one ‘must do’ item each day and keep a calendar for everything else

·       Take at least one break to get a 15 to 30-minute walk in (dogs are great for these)

·       Check in with someone over the phone or video chat

·       Pace around the house when taking a phone call (count those steps!)

·       Keep your work-space clean

·       If needing a change, change your area or setup around to keep things  fresh  

·       Push yourself to work hard, but stick to your schedule (remote burnout is real)

·       Coloring and reading books, puzzles and games are a must

·       Donate your time or resources to those in need (safely)

·       Keep your priorities (most importantly – you!)


We are all dealing with unique challenges, for Taimen what we believe matters most during these times is sticking together and sticking to our mission. With a focus on our teams and our most important goals, we are committed to be the best. For our shippers. For our carriers. For each other.

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